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M2 Lent Bumps : Day 3

Posted by Admin on Friday 23rd April 2010
Friday - Chasing LMBC3, Being chased by Trinity Hall M2

A rest day in the middle of our bumps campaign was perfect, not, as was pointed out later by our Men's captain, that we'd actually had to race very far as yet. Today we chased LMBC M3 and we were determined that we would not come unstuck against any 3rd boat on the river. Although we were confident, our coaches Frank and Andy and the more experienced heads in the boat Paul, Winnie and Chris, would not let us get arrogant or complacent. We hadn't rowed our best against Trinity Hall and it was crucial that we focussed on our own boat speed, working together as a team, and to just keep pushing on with the whistles.

Our whole crew was buzzing once again on our starting station, the further we moved up the stations, the louder the cannons under the motorway bridge had become. Off the starting cannon we worked together and achieved a fantastic push, on the bank Andy was waiting until Emma had called the stride so he could sound his whistle, we had closed to just under a length in the start alone. Today we would not let ourselves be phased by whistles or choppy water and every signal from the bank that we got we kept pushing the boat on. Two whistles, three, airhorn and concession from LMBCIII, before 1st post corner once again. A superbly clinical row, we seemed to be improving with every day of bumps.

Result - Bumped LMBC3

Fairbairn Cup 2008 - Senior Women's VIII

Posted by Admin on Thursday 1st January 2009
Despite the crew's initiate dread at how long the race was going to be, on the actual morning the cold weather, when marshalling, meant we could not wait to get going. Eventually after what seemed like hours we approached the start line and were off.

The rate came up slowly but once we hit the mid thirties mark we could really feel the boat moving. We set ourselves up nicely at a comfortable rate and rhythm for the long row. Coming through the town we maintained the rhythm and then coming out of Chesterton did a big push off the bridge.

This was then followed by focus calls to help us maintain the rhythm and pressure and take our minds off the pain and long stretch of river still ahead! This worked well and as we came out from under the railway bridge we threw in another big push. At this point and up through the corners the bank party's encouragement made the difference when we all felt tired, and I suspect as if the race would never end!

We finished the last part of the course trying to maintain as much speed round the corners as possible and throwing in big pushes on the straights. Eventually we heard Lucie's shout - I can see the finish - at this point we emptied the tank and after what seemed an age crossed the line.

We always knew this term was always going to be an experiment with us combining the senior and novice training only 2 weeks into term. However, it seems to have paid off, despite all of the illness and injuries which meant 4 people had to row twice; once in the novice race and once in the senior. Overall we came out with a respectable time and have laid the groundwork for a good Lent and Easter term.

Clare Novice Regatta - Novice Men

Posted by Admin on Tuesday 9th December 2008
After the muppetry of Emma Sprints, the novices were hoping that CNR would be a calmer and more focused proposition. Certainly the weather was kinder with less wind and no rain, though it was still bitterly cold.

In the first round we were draw against Selwyn NM2. A steady and controlled start saw the Peterhouse crew open out a considerable lead in the early stages and we settled into a relaxed rhythm, holding the Selwyn crew at a comfortable distance over the entire 700m course.

In the second round, we were up against the best novices Jesus had to offer, Jesus NM1. Another steady start kept us on terms with Jesus off the start, but Jesus' greater size showed down the course, and they gradually opened up a length over the first 500m. It is a testament to the resilience and determination of our novices that they kept going over the course, indeed Jesus weren't able to open up a decisive gap until the last 100m or so of the course, when we began to run out of river to overhaul their lead.

After the race, the crew was in agreement that the timing was very good, but that they didn't really put as much power down as they felt they were capable of. The performance definitely looked very confident and assured, and the fact that they themselves recognise that they need to push harder shows good development both technically and mentally, which can only bode well for Fairbairns.

Clare Novice Regatta - The Women

Posted by Admin on Sunday 13th January 2008
Our first round was versus Trinity Hall First Novice Women. Our girls got off to an incredible start, increasing their lead on every stroke until disaster struck: stroke's blade came out of the gate! In the time it took to sort it out, Tit Hall gained a lead of around 4 lengths and it looked as if all was lost. Peterhouse came storming back off their second start however, and were gaining ground fast. When they had drawn level and were starting to take the lead again, the Tit Hall cox took an interesting racing line, steering straight into the bank to give Peterhouse an easier win than they were anticipating! Peterhouse deservedly won by some lengths with strong tidy rowing all the way.

The second round was against First and Third's First Novice Women. Peterhouse put up a very good fight, with some impressively gutsy rowing but unfortunately FaT were simply faster, and won by around 6 lengths.

Clare Novice Regatta - The Men

Posted by Admin on Sunday 13th January 2008
Given the promising performance of the novice men at Winter Head, everyone was keen to see how they would perform in Clare Novice Regatta. The novice men were a little unlucky in drawing Caius A for their race, but the mood was still optimistic at the start. Just into the start sequence stroke caught a crab which caused significant difficulties and Caius were able to pull away from us. The crew recovered, however, and they were quickly gaining on Caius. Unfortunately, an extremely severe crab caught by seven meant the boat had to stop and start again, destroying the gains that had been made on Caius. The men rose to the challenge and were soon gaining
on Caius, but there was not enough river left to catch them. The result was a disappointing one for the novice men, especially as it seemed they were the faster crew.
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