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M1 May Bumps 2010 - Fourth Day: Bumped Selwyn

Posted by Admin on Thursday 9th September 2010
The final day of the 2010 Bumps found us facing Selwyn, who had bumped us on the first day. The weather was fine and the atmosphere electric. We knew that Selwyn would outpace us over the first three minutes, but we also knew we could be outperform over the length of the course. It was simply a case of Robinson holding on for those first three minutes. According to observers on the bank, Selwyn got quite close to making the Bump. I recall one Petrean shouting at us quite angrily from the bank because of the gap which Selwyn had placed between us. However, out of Ditton the water just disappeared as we went from two lengths to half a length with startling speed. LMBC II - with a miraculously rebuilt boat which it had apparently taken 4 boatmen all night to repair - were nowhere in sight behind us. We closed in on Selwyn coming into the railway bridge and just as our cox was about to give the kill call they caught a crab and conceded before any damage was done. It had been a turbulent week, but it finished on a high.

M1 May Bumps 2010 - Third Day: Bumped LMBC II

Posted by Admin on Thursday 9th September 2010
Today was the day we sought the Bump we felt we had been denied on the first day. We knew we were capable of catching LMBC II and holding off Downing providing we kept our heads. We did. The start was far more disciplined and we settled into a good, advancing rhythm which reeled in LMBC II. As we pulled out of Ditton, we delivered the killing blow, hitting them several times before they conceded. And went into the bank. Despite the boat-breaking entanglement which ensued, we'd like to thank LMBC for their rowers' sportsmanship afterwards.

M1 May Bumps 2010 - Second Day: Rowed Over

Posted by Admin on Thursday 9th September 2010
Slighlty put out by the events of the first day we produced a creditable - if again workmanlike - row. The start was smoother and we settled better. Although getting in a strong rhythm, we failed to challenge Selwyn before they took out LMBC II on Grassy and every credit to our cox for managing to negotiate the potential nightmare which was developing. We cruised out onto Plough Reach and began to settle and although Downing II made a challenge, we pushed them away easily. From Ditton to the Top Finish we took lengths out of Robinson ahead of us, but failed to consolidate these gains, only coming to within two lengths by the end. We rowed over without any serious problems, looking forward to challenging LMBC II the next day.

M1 May Bumps 2010 - First Day: Bumped By Selwyn

Posted by Admin on Thursday 9th September 2010
The first day of the Mays was not quite what anyone expected. The gun went, we got through a start that was workmanlike rather than spectacular and managed to settle into a reasonable rhythm as we came into First Post corner, gaining on LMBC II. Selwyn had a push and began to move up on us through the gut. However, we pushed away from them coming out of grassy, gaining on LMBC II and getting to three whistles. Unfortunately the appalling conditions and bouncing water spun our bowman's blade, resulting in a boat stopping crab. Selwyn closed in a few strokes. What resulted behind was utter carnage as Downing crashed into the bank, Selwyn's cox went into the river and Grassy corner generally looked like a sea battle.

M1 Henley Qualifiers 2010

Posted by Admin on Thursday 9th September 2010
Racing at Henley was a new experience for all but one of the crew, the first time the club has sent a boat to attempt qualification for at least a decade. We trained hard and well for it, and a 2km timed piece was certainly within our capability. There was certainly no lack of commitment and in terms of effort we were completely rowed out by the end. It was not however, our smartest row, and this is what probably caused our poor result as second from last out of the Cambridge colleges that went.

That said, it was a very useful experience for all of us and we'd like to say a big thank you to all who supported us during our May Week training (never easy) and the race itself. It is testament to Peterhouse rowing that two of you would drag a non-rower to come and see an off-Cam race.
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