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Boathouse Map

Posted by Admin on Monday 3rd September 2007
Animated map showing the route from College to the Boathouse.

You can also click here to see the Boathouse on the University Map.

Novice Fairbairns 2006 (Race Report)

Posted by Admin on Wednesday 29th November 2006
Novice Men
The Novice Men's Squad entered a record 3 VIIIs in Fairbairns this year. The 1st VIII achieved a position of 11th - the second best in PBC history. The 2nd VIII unfortunately hit the bank at Chesterton which lost them valuable time but after a heroic comeback they managed to overtake Kings II on the reach finishing 55th. The 3rd VIII (Beer Boat) finished 62nd ahead of Magdalene III and Sidney II.

Novice Women
The Novice Women's Squad managd to continue last year's momentum and enter 2 VIIIs in Fairbairns. The 1st VIII (Tia) finished 14th even though a footplate failed. Like the 1st Men, this was the second best performance in recent PBC history. The 2nd VIII (Maria) raced in the later division and finished 52nd.

CUCBC Small Boats Regatta (Race Report)

Posted by Admin on Sunday 23rd April 2006
Fairbairn Junior Sculls - David Hopper (by 13 seconds) and Mark Jacobs (by 11 seconds) both lost their first races and took no further part in the competition.

Maiden Sculls - Sarah Allen won two races to reach the final where she lost to Newnham's Chlo Squires by 6.5 seconds.

Men's Magalene Silver Pairs - Seb Thormann won the event with his race partner from Clare.

Bushe-Fox Freshmen's Sculls - David Hopper reached Wednesday's final.

Peter Brandt Men's Maiden Sculls - Mark Jacobs won his first race.

Dave Hopper beat scullers from LMBC and St Catherine´s to win the Bushe-Fox Freshmen´s Sculls, winning the final race by a 35 seconds.

Mark Jacobs reached the semi-finals of the Peter Brandt Men´s Maiden Sculls losing by 4 seconds to the eventual winner from Robinson.

In the Foster-Fairbairn Trial Pairs for Men, Matthew Satchwell and Mark Jacobs narrowly lost (by 3 seconds) their first race in the event to a pair from First and Third.

Overall, Petreans won two out of the eleven events in the Regatta (The Bushe-Foxe Freshman Sculls and the Magdalene Silver Pairs), reached the semi finals of the Men´s Maiden Sculls and the finals of the Women´s Maiden Sculls as well as putting in good performances in the heats of other events.

Head Of The Nene (Peterborough) (Race Report)

Posted by Admin on Friday 3rd February 2006
After a somewhat hectic start to the term, with several unfortunate issues surrounding crew selection, and a considerable amount of on-water time being spent in traffic; the mens first VIII ventured to Peterborough to race in Head of the Nene.

The crew comprised of three freshmen and only two 1st Mays oarsmen; so the intention was to use the opportunity to get a long training piece in with the chance to experience rowing in close proximity to other crews, and to row on another stretch of river.

Due to stroke having a previously ARA point, we were racing in S3, and were intending to race over at 28.

A good, solid, start saw us holding the AK crew behind, with them slowly catching us up over the first 5 mins of the race; during this time we were catching the crew ahead, and as Mark Stringer (coxing) wanted to move out to overtake, the AK crew did likewise; forcing us to hold our line. Running out of water, we were forced to drop the rate to prevent an accident. The situation occurred again as an Imperial crew attempted to pass ourselves, AK and the crew ahead of us - this time forcing us to easy as the crew ahead moved into the centre of the river blocking crews from passing. The crew handled this maturely and the rating returned to 28 for the remainder of the race, sitting on a very solid rhythm throughout, despite very bumpy water rowing in the wash of so many crews.

Finished 36th overall, 14th in Senior 3 in 16:29; the fastest College crew being Jesus, who won Senior 3 in 15:10.

Sadly, despite a good row and an enjoyable day, we were unable to convince one of the freshmen to remain in the first VIII, much to the crew's disappointment.

Senior Fairbairns 2005 (Race Report)

Posted by Admin on Thursday 1st December 2005
Racing as a somewhat scratch IV+, Mark Stringer, James Curran, Nick Grafton Green, Matthew Satchwell and I decided two weeks before Fairbairns that we'd like to race. Putting in an outing for each crew member (one of which was half an outing due to traffic) and borrowing a boat for the race, we were at a disadvantage to those crews who had been training all term.

Race day arrived and it was windy as Fairbairns often is, and cold, although not that cold when out of the wind; but escaping the wind whilst marshalling is quite tricky. Our start was simple, two light strokes to get the boat moving, followed by 10 build strokes, 5 high and a "settle now" call to hit our race rhythm. 5 strokes into the build our boat speed had come up nicely, but we were rating, at best, 24. The last 5 strokes of the build brought it up a bit, and we settled onto a solid, long and sustainable rhythm, probably rating about 26, although 28 was the intention.

Excellent coxing by Mark meant that we took full advantage of every wind shadow - putting in big silent pushes and taking the rate up where we could. We got early notification of every gust of wind, and the crew dealt with these maturely, sharpening up and holding in the finishes. Although by the end of stage 2 when Mark called that it was starting to hurt, everyone in the crew was thinking that it had already been hurting for a good few minutes.

Pushing into and out of Chesterton we solidified our rhythm down to the Railway bridge, trying to ensure that our earlier pushes weren't wasted. Pushing off the Railway bridge we put in a good reach, before taking it up 2 at the railings and building for the finish. The last 40 strokes went really quickly with Mark putting in awesome silent pushes for each of us in the boat, and the crew were really responsive to them - bringing the boat speed and rating up all the way to the finish.

After returning, snacking, derigging the boat, and a well-earned pint, we found out the time and the result. 3rd place. Excellent achievement for an unfit, technically crude crew, but a really committed and well-coxed race.
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