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Fairbairn Cup 2008 - Novice Women

Posted by Admin on Sunday 14th December 2008
Due to illness, the Fairbairns Cup was the first race the novice women had done all term, and they were eager to show that their training and hard work had paid off. Unfortunately, during the week leading up to Fairbairns three members of the squad were deemed too ill to row, which left only six novices that had trained together all term.
After two quick substitutions, a lot of carnage during marshalling, and some extra time for the slightly slower Sidney Sussex II boat ahead, the novice women were ready to go.
After a good start, building the rate up to a respectable 31/32, the novices looked like they were going to set an outstanding time. Just past Emma Footbridge, however, the boat was slowed down considerably by two crabs in bow pair, which could not be recovered and forced us to ‘easy’ the boat. The crew responded brilliantly to this slight set back, with the composure of an experienced Senior boat, setting off with an impressive standing start which flew past the new riverside bridge at rate 32 and settled into relaxed rhythm at 28/30 which was maintained over the course. The crew seemed determined to make up lost time, putting lots of effort into the drive, and managed to catch Sidney Sussex II as we came through Chesterton Foot Bridge. With the crew going into a big push off the bridge, the Cox tried to manoeuvre past Sidney, who seemed to be having some trouble working out ‘left’ and ‘right’, moving into our path rather than letting the crew past. Coming past the P&E the crew began to lose timing whilst the Cox understandably focused on not crashing into the ‘difficult’ Sidney boat in front, leading to an unusual coxing call from the ‘5’ woman. This paid off, helping us to maintain speed, and by the railway bridge we had finally got past the Sidney boat, ready to power through to the finish line. Going up the long reach, every member of the novice crew responded to the Cox’s call to ‘empty the tank’, leading to a decent build up in speed towards the finish line, using the Sidney Boat behind to push off. The Novice Women looked by far the more competent crew, maintaining timing, power and technique past the line and around Ditton corner with an impressive distance between the two boats. All things considered, the Novice Women performed brilliantly, gaining 14th place, with a time of 12:03.64, and will be a great asset to the Senior squad next term.

Fairbairns - 1st & 2nd Novice Men

Posted by Admin on Tuesday 9th December 2008
The 1st Novice Men were the first Peterhouse crew to race in Fairbairns, and after the usual marshaling fun and games (i.e. being told to marshal under the Fort St. George footbridge and definitely not on our own hard), the nine novices were raring to go...

A strong start saw the crew wind to 34 strokes per minute and settle to rate 31, which they maintained over the course. The first quarter of the race looked strong from the bank and each and every member of the crew looked like they were pushing as hard as they possibly could, which was good to see.

The first half of the race was aggressive, but controlled and we were only a few lengths behind the Magdalene crew ahead of us, despite being granted more of a gap between us and them. Matt steered a good line throughout and managed to tame the power in the boat enough to get us round Chesterton on the left of the river and inch by inch, we overhauled Magdalene so that we were clear of them by the railway bridge.

The power fell off as we went along the Reach and the crew got more and more tired, but sheer determination and a light increase in rate kept boatspeed up across the finish line, giving NM1 a time of 10:30.89, only fractions different from the predicted 10:30 time. The crew looked competent and controlled throughout and the foundations have been laid for a very competitive Lents.

NM2 were up in the next division and were eager to continue the positive trend set by NM1. The start was together and controlled, if possibly a bit too steady. A couple of minutes in, the crew responded to hitting the two minute barrier by taking the boatspeed up and really hitting the gas down the wall and into Chesterton. Matt steered the perfect line around the corner, getting bowside blades within inches of the bank, but without ever looking like they would hit.

Despite being chased down by a Clare boat throughout the first half of the course, the crew kept their heads and stabilised the gap at two lengths going into Chesterton. Unlike Matt, however, the Clare cox was not able to nail Chesterton, rather, he nailed the houseboat on the outside of the corner and NM2 seized the opportunity to open up a huge gap over Clare and push for home.

Both our crews looked on the verge of collapse after they crossed the finish line, which was great to see and proves that everyone performed to their limit. If the novices can keep this level of progress up next term, the Lent Bumps results should be worth waiting for. A very good term’s work, and I think everyone is ready for their well deserved Christmas break... fitting plenty of training in, of course!

Clare Novice Regatta - Novice Men (Race Report)

Posted by Admin on Tuesday 9th December 2008
After the muppetry of Emma Sprints, the novices were hoping that CNR would be a calmer and more focused proposition. Certainly the weather was kinder with less wind and no rain, though it was still bitterly cold.

In the first round we were draw against Selwyn NM2. A steady and controlled start saw the Peterhouse crew open out a considerable lead in the early stages and we settled into a relaxed rhythm, holding the Selwyn crew at a comfortable distance over the entire 700m course.

In the second round, we were up against the best novices Jesus had to offer, Jesus NM1. Another steady start kept us on terms with Jesus off the start, but Jesus' greater size showed down the course, and they gradually opened up a length over the first 500m. It is a testament to the resilience and determination of our novices that they kept going over the course, indeed Jesus weren't able to open up a decisive gap until the last 100m or so of the course, when we began to run out of river to overhaul their lead.

After the race, the crew was in agreement that the timing was very good, but that they didn't really put as much power down as they felt they were capable of. The performance definitely looked very confident and assured, and the fact that they themselves recognise that they need to push harder shows good development both technically and mentally, which can only bode well for Fairbairns.

Cam Distances

Posted by Admin on Thursday 13th November 2008

The clever distance calculator will be back online soon but in the mean time, a table of distances along the Cam is available via the link at the bottom of this page and a map is shown below:

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