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Joining Peterhouse Boat Club

See also the Taster Day Poster.


Rowing (and, by extension, coxing) is the most famous sport in Cam­bridge, known for its annual Varsity races against Oxford and biannual inter-collegiate bumps races. It is also a great sport to get to know other people in different years and colleges, it has a brilliant socials scene of formals, swaps, nights out and boat club dinners, the only downside is that you might get fit on the side.

Academically, it provides multiple benefits: a structure to your day and a breath of fresh air. Rowers perform above average in Tripos exams!

It is the biggest and most succesful college sport at Peterhouse. PBC has been doing well in recent years, which means that if you want to get serious you can compete at a high level, some go on to compete in university crews/Boat Race and beyond, and if you want to enjoy the social side, you can be part of a lower boat. There is also an active sculling community. Crucially, it is one of the only sports you can do sitting down!


Coxing is ideal for those who just want to see others sweat. PBC offers an oppurtinity to learn how to cox, and quickly evolve to cox senior boats, which is great fun!

The Cam provides unique challenges: the river is very narrow, at some places only just able to squeeze in two VIIIs side-by-side combined with high traffic. The Club often races off-Cam, for example at Bedford, Peterborough or the Tideway/Thames.

As a cox, you will be essential to pushing your crew to the extreme, taking the corners (on the Cam, it makes or breaks a race), to get that well deserved win, after which you might be thrown in to the river.


In the begining of Michaelmas on Saturday 12th October, there will be a Taster BBQ where you can try out eating, drinking, rowing and/or coxing. To sign up or for more information contact the Lower Boats Officers/ Coxing Representative.

If you have rowed and/or coxed before PBC offers the opportunity to join a senior crew; please contact the respective Lower Boats Officers/ Coxing Representative as early as possible.


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