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The 1828 Club

Many alumni are of course still in touch with both the College and Boat Club. We deeply appreciate the depth you bring to the Club with Cross Keys rowing, and the support given through the PBC Fund. Looking to foster a greater sense of community within former generations of rowers, and between current and former members of the Boat Club, the decision was taken recently to form a dedicated alumni society. This is the 1828 Club, named after our founding year, and which has already proved hugely successful. We aim to eventually invite all former Lents and Mays 1st VIII rowers to become members, as well as those who have contributed exceptionally to the Club.

The 1828 Club is designed to be a formal setting for the continued commitment of alumni to PBC – and our continued commitment to you. We aim to hold an annual drinks party in London, as well as inviting former crews back in turn to the termly Boat Club dinners. We therefore hope alumni will consider becoming members. The idea is that annual subscription is from £18.28 – but any amount above that, be it £182.80, £1828.00, or a sum of your choice – is of course much appreciated. Please contact the Club President and Secretary for more details, or the Development Office to arrange payment directly.

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